Mission Beach Condo

A primary bedroom refresh was in order for this gem of a condo with 180 degree views of the bay. The bedroom was tucked at the back of the home, and our goal was to bring the feeling of sand and sea that the rest of the home enjoys into the room. The couple had purchased new furnishings and lighting and wanted to personalize their space with wallpaper and custom bedding. We selected a wallpaper from Philip Jeffries's Gilded Age Collection that makes you think of the sparkling bay on a sunny day with its rippling blue and silver lines. It was important to design the bedding to show off the beautiful bed frame and headboard, so we made a bed cap with tailored corners from a cozy chenille. To add to the color scheme of sand and sea we layered bands of a contrasting blue and beige with an intricately stitched design to either side of the bed cap. The final touches were a pair of rich velvet shams and an extra long, luxurious lumbar pillow taking center stage.

Blue wallpaper and blue bedding on a leather bed set in the corner of a large bedroom