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All that Glitters

“All that Glitters” Definitely has a Place in Interior Design

Pale gray silk drapery panel embellished with Swarovski crystals
My client actually said “I’m going to be buried with these drapes!”. It makes me happy when my client is happy and I really love them too! I understood her vision and had fun finding this fabric to create these Swarovski, crystal encrusted draperies.  “All that glitters” – it’s a thing!

Fabric and Trim

I know this style is not for everyone, but if your jam is to always add a little more sparkle and shine to everything you touch, consider all the ways you can make that happen in your home. Practically every type of textile can be found with a bit of sparkle. Bead trims, metallic banding, fabrics all pull off the look effortlessly.  Use it to make pillows, drapery and bedding pop.

Drapery Hardware

I often use drapery hardware as another great way to add extra sparkle. It can be as simple as using a polished chrome or brushed gold finish. Sometimes I mix metal with acrylic rods for an old Hollywood glam feel. When I want to go really luxe, I take it to the next level with crystal encrusted finials.

Drapery hardware finials with lots of glitter accents
Drapery hardware is like the jewelry that pulls your outfit together. Never underestimate its impact!

Wallpaper that Glitters

Another way to make a room feel truly glamorous is wallpaper. There are so many gorgeous papers out there that can add depth to a room with their subtle sheen or metallic touches. Phillip Jeffries is one of my favorites suppliers with collections of wallpaper for every style and taste. Here are three of my favorites; Enchanted Woods made of cork with metal undertones randomly highlighting the low spots. Quartz with it’s textured feel and subtle sheen in gorgeous shades from ivory to charcoal. And finally, The Metaluxe II collection has a metallic ombre design on grass cloth for a very unique look.

Phillip Jeffries Metaluxe II wallpaper collection
Phillip Jeffries Wallpaper Company is one of my favorites! This Metaluxe II collection has a unique take on “glitter” that is unusual and sophisticated.

Phillip Jeffries wallpaper collection called Enchanted Woods
Natural cork with an undertone of metallic in the back ground adds a little glitter in the best possible way with this elegant wallpaper.

Phillip Jeffries Quartz collection of wall coverings
Phillip Jeffries does it again with this mother-of-pearl style wall paper in every color from ivory to charcoal.

Add a little extra luxury into your home.

Use a little, or use a lot, but I promise you will love the compliments you get when you add a little glitter and the way it will make your home feel somehow more “you”.

Myrna Everett is the founder of Home Vogue Interiors where we specialize in custom window fashions and other soft home goods. If you have enjoyed this blog post, please share it with others. If you are ready to start a conversation about your next project click on the “Your Project” button above and tell us what you’re working on and we’ll reach out to you and help you get started.


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