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“Bespoke” Dream Rooms


I love the word bespoke. It sounds like so much more than “custom made” or “made to order”. It’s seems more European somehow and makes me think of yards of silk being fashioned into an exquisite ball gown.  Or an atelier where something magical is being created for some lucky individual.  It’s a little old fashioned, but so is the experience of having someone extract the vision of what you want and turn it into a reality. Bespoke is the key to dream rooms.

What isYour Feeling of Home

Something you will treasure for years.  When was the last time you experienced that? Lucky for me (and my clients) that’s what I get to do all day, every day.  Bespoke is what we I use to create dream homes.We all know how we want to feel when we walk into our homes.  Of course, it’s different for everyone, which is what makes home so special. How do you want to feel? Cozy and cocooned? Invigorated? Glamorous? Daring? Safe? Romantic? Sexy? Earthy? Some combination of these ideas?  Or, something so completely different from anything you have ever seen but the idea speaks to your heart.

Glam bedroom with shaggy dog on the bed
“Darla” loves the good stuff and thinks this was all created just for her 🙂 In reality, the homeowner’s duvet cover was the inspiration for this primary bedroom. The wallpaper, custom window coverings, pillows and coverlet were all designed to bring out the duvet’s colors to create an upscale, glamorous bedroom.

I started my career in interior design helping people cover or dress their windows.  Drapes and blinds; that’s what I cut my teeth on when I was a new, baby designer.  Over the years, I found myself responding to the desire people had for more than just basic blinds.  They would talk to me about their lives and their families and how they wanted to feel when they were at home.  They would show me pieces of art or furniture that had special meaning to them.  Things they wanted to incorporate in their homes even though it didn’t necessarily fit their design aesthetic.

Design Aesthetic Vs. Design Personality

I believe there is a design esthetic, and then there is having your personality reflected in your home. I would ask myself “How can I help weave this thing, this idea, or this feeling into a story about this person”.  All these years later, I still don’t want to do renovations, pick tile or create a better floor plan. What I do want is to create special rooms that reflect a feeling and a personality. I do this through creative ideas, details and materials, weaving them into my bespoke window coverings, wallpapers, bedding, and reupholstery projects.Imagine,

Imagine I am the artisan and you are the visionary.  You don’t have to know exactly what you want, just the sense of how you want to feel when you are enveloped by your home.

Unique Bespoke Wallpaper

Below is a great example of a very personalized dream room. My client, recently widowed, moved to her new La Jolla condo and wanted to make her home a happy place. One that evoked memories of her husband and all the beautiful things they had collected and created over the years. She’s an artist, and after a long search for the perfect wallpaper, she wanted something that looked something she had painted. This sparked my imagination, what we needed was custom wallpaper using one of her own beautiful paintings.  She loved the idea, so we worked with Rebel Walls to have her favorite painting re-colored and enlarged. Now she treasures all the memories it evokes when she walks into her bedroom.

Wallpaper behind headboard
One of my client’s own paintings was used to create this one-of-a-kind wallpaper by recoloring it and having it enlarged to fit the space

Bed with original painting in the foreground with the same image enlarged for the wallpaper behind the headboard.
Front and center is the original work of art in vivid shades of purple and yellow juxtaposed against the same image re-colored and enlarged for the wallpaper behind. The essence of “bespoke”.

Your Vision

What is your vision of home?  How do you want to feel when you are there? If you would like to collaborate, I would love to explore these ideas and help you create something perfectly bespoke in your home.

Myrna Everett is the founder of Home Vogue Interiors where we specialize in custom window fashions and other soft home goods. If you have enjoyed this blog post, please share it with others. If you are ready to start a conversation about your next project click on the “Your Project” button above and tell us what you’re working on and we’ll reach out to you and help you get started.



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