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The Power of Pink

Pink is not just for little girls. When you use pink in your design plans, the effect can be everything from sugary sweet, glamorous, bold or ethereal. It just depends on your style and the feeling you want to evoke. Never underestimate the power of pink in a design scheme.

A flat-lay showing fabrics, trimmings and plants in shades of pink, ,natural, blue and green
This soothing palette from Stout Brother’s Textiles is a wonderful example of how to use a pink palette in design.

I love this flat-lay from Stout Brother’s, it’s a great example of layering pink into a color scheme. In this case it’s used to create a casual, feminine and somewhat earthy feel that is very soothing.

Little Girl Pink

Everyone is familiar with the intense pink little girls often love. I was once asked to do pink window treatments for a little girl’s room. This is what it must be like inside a piece of bubble gum, but she adored it! And since the client is always right – I adored it too!

A little girl's room with every wall and ceiling painted bubble gum pink with a lively window treatment featuring pink and white gingham and white sheers
Custom valances, drapes and sheers fit for a pink-loving princess!

Grown Up Girl Pink

If you are going for a more glamorous vibe, you’ll want to tone it down to a subtle blush. Add lots of white and mirrored or glass surfaces for a very sophisticated version of pink. Click the photo to see this over-the-top glam bedroom and get an eye-full of pink that is all grown up.

Glamorous, blush pink bedroom with white furnishings and over the top details.
This unique bedroom featuring the palest of pinks was featured at

Going Dramatic With Pink

Another trend we’ve been seeing lately, is pink being used in very dramatic ways like this handmade peony wallpaper from England. I love how they used it here to create a bold look with a vintage feel. It would also be great in a powder room to make a big statement in a small space.

Bathroom with claw foot tub in turquoise and dramatic black and peony wallpaper
This bathroom really shines with its dramatic peonies against a black background.

Domus Venus, is one of my favorite designers.  She manages to use pink without making it feel too “precious” as you can see in the two rooms below. The soft pink curtains and rose colored crown molding create a wonderful contrast to the giant mural that dominates one wall.

Dining room with pink drapes and crown molding, and dramatic mural of a woman filling the whole wall.
This dining room designed by Domus Venus is sophisticated and dramatic, proves one more way to use pink that is anything but “little girl”.

In the second photo, she uses a framed wallpaper mural that would normally be considered very feminine. In this case, it creates a dramatic impact through the sheer size and depth of the image.

Giant peonies with a gold framed hung above a simply made bed.
Giant peonies are anything but “sweet” in this huge piece of art.

Pink is on trend right now and it’s fun to see how using it in different ways can create such different effects. Just remember, no matter your color scheme, you can create a dreamy, soft look or make a bold statement by changing up the intensity of color and the scale of pattern you choose to use.

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