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Go Ahead and Spill

I mean it….wine, spaghetti sauce, chocolate ice cream. If you have the right #fabrics you don’t have to be afraid of spills, sticky hands, pets or a messy family.

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In my house, if someone’s going to spill it’s probably going to be me! So when I discovered how durable, beautiful and stain-resistant certain fabrics can be I started shouting it from the roof tops. Well, not the roof tops, but certainly when I’m helping guide a client to the right fabric selection for their project.

Sunbrella is possibly the most recognizable name in outdoor fabric and is known for being colorfast and durable. In fact, one of my suppliers keeps a cutting of a Sunbrella fabric submerged in a jar of bleach on the counter in their showroom and it has never faded. I didn’t give it much thought because Sunbrella was outdoor fabric and most of my concerns were about indoor fabrics. In recent years however, more and more of my indoor fabric suppliers were introducing the same kind of durability in really beautiful materials.

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One of my favorites is Perennials Fabrics because everything they create including their area rugs can be bleached to remove tough stains. To demonstrate, my sales rep carries a little bottle of red wine and a tube of Clorox to her meetings and proves it by spilling the wine, rubbing it into her sample and then removing it using straight bleach and a little spray bottle of soapy water to rinse away the bleach once the stain is gone.

Of course, suspicious as I am, as soon as I received my sample box I squirted mustard on a white fabric and got out the bleach stick. It didn’t come out right away and when I called the company they just laughed and said mustard and Sharpie markers are the toughest stains, just keep at it! And they were right, the mustard came out and the sample is as good as new.

It’s important to understand the difference between these tough fabrics and the best way to clean them. Some, like Perennials Fabrics are solution-dyed meaning the color goes all the way through the fiber which is why bleaching is possible. Others, like Crypton have a protective seal applied to the fibers of the fabric that makes spills bead up and sit on top rather than soaking in which makes cleanup a snap. The benefits of Crypton are many:

• Superior stain repellency makes cleaning easy
• Odor resistance
• Soft, beautiful, and perfectly suited for everyday living
• Releases both oil-and water-based stains
• Unrestricted fabric selection, including linens, velvets, and more

• Free of harsh chemicals
• Protection sealed into every fiber for the life of the fabric

Conclusion? Life and beautiful homes can co-exist. Pets, kids and spill-y drinkers are no big deal and you can relax and enjoy all of them while you enjoy your beautiful home.

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As most of you know, my first love is #windowfashions and drapery design, but I know that a beautiful room requires more than just pretty window coverings. If you’ve been considering a reupholstery project and want it to be gorgeous and durable and maybe even WHITE consider one of these beautiful, cleanable fabrics that can take whatever your family dishes up.

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