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How to Hygge (and Stop Worry about a Toilet Paper Shortage)

With all the uncertainty brought on by the Coronavirus I decided it was time to find more positive ways to look at our current situation.  We can’t change the circumstance, but we can change the way we choose to feel in the moment.

With schools closed, events cancelled and the current recommendation of “social distancing” we are going to be spending a lot more time at home and with our loved ones.  Aside from the threat of coronavirus, how is that a bad thing? In Elizabeth Rider’s book “The Health Habit” where she focuses on all aspects of our life not just food and exercise.  She maintains that all areas of life impact our health including our home environment and our self care practices.

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In chapter 6, she has a list of ideas for better self care. This concept has been around for a few years  and always makes me think of indulgent spa days, pedicures and lunch out with friends but her list gave me pause.  She had some simpler  ideas like ‘dig in the dirt’, ‘watch a sunrise’ and one that really intrigued me was #20, ‘Learn about hygge’. Pronounced hue-gah, it is a Danish word for intentional coziness.

I recently started working with a quirky little wallpaper company called Hygge & West and since its a word I’ve been hearing so much in the last few years, the idea of learning more about it appealed to me. The Danes refer to it as a special feeling or moment. It can be alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary but is always cozy, charming or special. It creates a feeling of contentment derived from the ability to just be present and enjoy the simple things.

Hygge is a way of creating moments to celebrate and cherish.  All the stuff we buy, the experiences we seek and the social media we binge on is fun, but is not what  makes our lives feel full. That kind of feeling comes from the little things like sitting by the fire with the ones you love rather than staring into your phone. Its lighting candles to make a  room feel cozy, and taking long walks just for the pleasure of it rather than getting in our 10,000 steps a day. It’s journaling or  creating cozy nooks in our home to read or reflect and pulling out those old board games or putting together a puzzle with your kids. It’s creating simple home made meals while we talk and laugh in the kitchen.

Most of us do not take time for this kind of unscheduled bliss even though it would enhance our lives so much. I’m challenging you this month, while we have more down time and a little more family time to create hygge in your home and in your life. Enjoy the extra time you have with those you love to create special memories and reflect on just how much we have to be grateful for.

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