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Is your master bedroom giving you the blues? This guide will help you create the perfect retreat.

Does your master bedroom feel “aaah” or “blah”? Even if you love your furnishings and the room is a generous size and well laid out, it can still feel like it’s missing something. If you are ready to kick it up a notch, here are a few tips and tricks I use to help my client’s level up their master bedrooms.

The Bed

Since your bed is the focal point, it’s the best place to start. If you love your headboard, and frame, great! But if it’s not making the style statement you really want, you can’t beat a custom made headboard as the sky is the limit. It can be made to the exact height and width, plus there are endless choices for fabric and details. In addition to the headboard, your upholsterer can also add upholstered rails and footboard eliminating the need for dust ruffles or skirts which can feel a bit dated.

The Bedding

Once you have a headboard you love, the next step is to consider the bedding and pillows. At this point in your life, you deserve better than “bed-in-a-bag”. Having said that, if you have a coverlet or duvet you love, then work with that as your starting point and add some custom pillows and shams to make it more personalized. Gone are the days when designers suggest 16 pillows that reach half way down the bed. (Because really, where do you put all of them at night?!!) Less is more in this case, typically, we aim for two shams or three euro pillows that go in front of the sleeping pillows, then add a few smaller pillows in front for a maximum of 3 to five decorative pillows. Play around with shapes and sizes, such as bolsters, lumbars and squares to get the proportions and style just right.

Two drawings with two sets of fabric samples
Above is an example of planning around a variety of textures, patterns and trims to achieve various looks and determine the ideal combination.

Getting creative with fabrics and trim on your custom pillows and bedding is where the magic happens. Consider mixing patterns and solids with trim details, you can mix and match patterns, colors and textures to create a very personalized look. Always splurge on feather down fills as they will last for years and never look flat or frumpy like the polyester ones.

The last touch is a blanket or lofty duvet folded at the end of the bed, it creates another layer that adds to the inviting ambience. It has it’s practical side too for chilly nights or days when you want to pull something over you for a quick cat nap or an afternoon movie.

The Windows

Some people love to wake up to natural light and some need a dark cave in order to get a good night’s sleep. Which ever camp you are in consider layers of window treatments such as shades or shutters with an additional layer of draperies on top. If you want complete darkness, make both layers room darkening for maximum coverage as a single treatment rarely blocks out all the light leaks. If you love the natural light, I still recommend at least one layer for dimming the light (think weekend naps or sick days) and another for daytime privacy such as beautiful sheers or a light weight linen that allows lots of light and a little view without letting the neighbors peer in during the day.

Aside from practical purposes, draperies frame your view and anchor the room to help tie all the other elements together. Patterned drapes make a big statement, but for bedrooms I often recommend something textured vs. a bold pattern since bedding changes more often than drapes and not having to base your changing pillows and bedcovers around a very specific pattern at the window makes it easier. In my own bedroom, I like to change the bedding and pillows with the seasons, so keeping the window fashion transitional makes that easier. (Although, recently I’ve been toying with the idea of reversible drapes so I can switch them out summer and winter when my bedding changes. Hmmm, that sounds like a new blog post idea!)

The Wallpaper

Finally, I love wallpaper either on the wall behind the bed or on the ceiling. Usually it is something textured like a grasscloth for a casually elegant look or something with a bit of sparkle or geometric pattern if the look leans to a more glamorous or modern style. I realize for some, recommending wallpaper is like suggesting a throw back to the 80’s but trust me when I say, the new wallpapers of today are so beautiful and varied. There is something for everyone and it will definitely add an additional layer of personalization that all master bedrooms crave.

Myrna Everett is the founder of Home Vogue Interiors where we specialize in custom window fashions and other soft home goods. If you have enjoyed this blog post, please share it with others. If you are ready to start a conversation about your next project click on the “Your Project” button above and tell us what you’re working on and we’ll reach out to you and help you get started.


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