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Elevate Your Window Coverings into Window Fashions.

We use the word window fashions interchangeably with window coverings, but if you think about all the couture style details you can add to custom draperies it truly does elevate them into fashion for your windows. For example, this Walcott House cufflink style button detail that up levels a very simple fabric and pleat style into something special.

white linen drapes with a cufflink style button holding the pleats together
The tops of these drapes, left unfinished, provide a balance to the very polished buttons and satin nickel hardware

This shimmery side panel drapery get’s it’s boost of fashion by using contrasting fabrics separated by a beaded welt cord while the gold and acrylic rod and rings add their own bit of style. Drapery hardware does the same thing as adding accessories to an outfit, it’s the finishing touch that pulls everything together and makes a big statement.

Consider the idea of adding decorative banding to a simple roman shade to give it a dose of style. The linen fabric we used is pretty basic and unassuming but by adding the decorative banding, it gives it more presence and helps tie other elements in the room together.

Here is another example of adding couture details to a simple window treatment. The style of this client’s home was farmhouse glam. Shiplap ceilings, distressed wood floors and lots of natural elements mixed in with luxe details. For the dining room drapes we created a simple book pleat drapery style and embellished it with velvet buttons and a tiny velvet band below to echo the home’s style.

How Do You Create Window Fashions for Your Own Home?

Whether you are moving into a new home or refreshing the home you live in, your window fashions will make the room if done right. It doesn’t matter if you need functionality or if your window fashions are simply decorative, just be sure to add details to evoke a feeling of upscale design that makes a statement.


Put your ideas on paper, sketch out the details to be sure proportions and details feel right.

Here’s How:

  1. Start with a basic style that serves the intended purpose.
  2. Pick one or two features to add dressmaker details to your design
  3. Always keep your personal style in mind to be sure your window fashions reflect who you are.

Myrna Everett is the founder of Home Vogue Interiors where we specialize in custom window fashions and other soft home goods. If you have enjoyed this blog post, please share it with others. If you are ready to start a conversation about your next project click on the “Your Project” button above and tell us what you’re working on and we’ll reach out to you and help you get started.


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