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My Top 6 Design Tips to Refresh Your Home

I recently spent a long weekend with a friend from Boston in her Cape Code vacation home. She has a very similar design busines to mine, so as you can imagine, there was a lot of talk about window coverings, wallpaper, interior design and our businesses in general.

She is getting ready to start a remodel which will add a second story, expand her kitchen and relocate her dining room so we spent many hours dissecting the details.  I helped her assess and repurpose the existing space that wouldn’t get touched during the remodel and we got into a couple of very late nights rearranging accessories, re-hanging art and moving furniture around.

Six is my favorite!

Of course, we live for this stuff, it’s like play, so while we worked we talked about how our own clients might like to know about our tips and tricks to for their own homes. We created the short list that follows including number 6, my personal favorite. I frequently use this idea in my own home  as I find I go blind to what is right in front of me every day. It helps give me fresh perspective in the same way a guest would view my home the first time they visit.

Cape Cod living room with accessories and old dining room converted to home office.
Reimagine An Unused Space into Something More Practical like this Home Office!

1. Rearrange with Purpose

Sometimes, a simple re-arrangement of furniture can work wonders. In my friend’s example shown above, the original dining space off the family room was rarely used as it was far from the kitchen and much too small.  We converted it into a pretty home office complete with desk (her old dining table) and a couple of guest chairs off to the side.

2. Artistic Display

Take a fresh look at your art collection or family photographs. Create captivating wall galleries or focal points by rearranging or adding frames and artwork. This not only adds visual interest but also personalizes your space, giving it a unique touch

3. Textiles and Accessories

Swap out tired or worn out textiles such as curtains, throw pillows and rugs. Choose vibrant colors, unique patterns or textures that compliment your existing furniture and add a pop of freshness and renewed energy to a room. Don’t forget to rotate your accessories, such as vases, sculptures and other decorative pieces and even books. You’ll find yourself noticing and appreciating them again when they are in a new location or arrangement.

A boho style living room with lots of pillows and and art in vibrant colors
Just Adding Colorful Pillows and Art can Transform a Room.

4. Greenery and Nature

Bring nature indoors by incorporating plants and flowers into your space. Indoor plants not only add a touch of freshness but also improve air quality. Experiment with different planters and grouping plants together to create a soothing, serene atmosphere. There is science to back up the fact that bringing natural elements into our homes improves mental and physical well being.

Cali style living room with natural wood and long flowoing white curtains
A beautifully styled living room just feels good

5.  Refresh Your Color Palette

Consider updating your color scheme by adding a fresh coat of paint. Crisp whites or light pastels can brighten up a room while a bold accent wall can add a dramatic touch. Just be sure to coordinate your color choices with your existing furniture and accessories for a cohesive look.

6. The Guest’s Perspective

One effective way to evaluate your home’s appearance is by looking at it through the eyes of a guest.  Take photos of each room and review them as if you are seeing the room for the first time. This exercise will help you notice things easily overlooked, such as cluttered shelves, or unsightly lamp cords that need to be tidied up. By addressing these areas you’ll enhance the overall appeal of your home.

Transforming your home doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By applying these simple tips and trusting your creativity and breathe new life into your space and create a home that truly reflects your style and personality.

My Super Power

The finishing touches of window coverings, wallpaper, pillows and custom bedding is my super power so if you need any assistance or further guidance in these areas I am always here to help. Feel free to reach out for personalized advice and recommendations.

Wishing you a vibrant and inspiring home.



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