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Ripped Jeans and Tattered Curtains

Well, maybe you don’t really want TATTERED curtains, but there is a direct correlation lately between fashion‘s ripped jeans trend and what the home fashion industry likes to call “deconstructed” or “distressed” fabrics, trimmings and furnishings. Although it’s not for everyone, this look can be translated into a wide variety of styles.

Design trends in the last few years has been moving away from very clean lines to a slightly more layered and aged look. For example, table tops that appear to have been used for generations or antique area rugs that show wear and rustic or natural textures and collections of found objects. This style relies less on perfection and more on the story and history behind the furnishings in a room. Much in the same way that ripped jeans seam to proclaim; “they didn’t just come off the shelf” (even if they did) they look like they have been on a long journey with lots of adventures along the way. They speak to an interesting lifestyle led by the person wearing them. The same is true for an interior design style that showcases objects from past generations or from travels, adventures and memories.

If this is a look you embrace then there are lots of fabrics that will speak your language. Consider anything that has a faded and relaxed look, a less than perfect weave, or even loose threads. For #draperies, pair these fabrics with embellishments and #curtain rods that have a less than polished look like the weathered or burlap drapery tracks and frayed banding in the example above. For a more traditional style hardware, this Ethan Allen distressed rope rod would also be a perfect pairing.

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If your style is a little more tailored or contemporary you could consider just a nod to this trend.  For example, these simple linen drapes from Walcot House with the top of the curtain slightly frayed and paired with a button embellishment for a look that remains polished.

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It’s up to you how far you take the deconstructed look in your decor and a little goes a long way. Trends come and go, but you will always create a timeless look if you interpret them using your own personal style.

With so many choices and details available your imagination is the only limit. If you’re considering a window fashion project we’d love to help you select the perfect materials and designs for your home.

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