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Drapery Hardware, the Jewel of Your Custom Window Treatments

Drapery Hardware, the Jewel of Your Custom Window Treatments

I’m obsessed with drapery hardware! To me it’s like jewelry for your windows. For some reason, people continue to use the same basic hardware thinking that the fabric is the star of the show but rarely consider that it’s like accessorizing an outfit to make it look pulled together and “right”.

There is a process for designing window treatments that ensures the end result is amazing. You have to start with the purpose, is it decorative or functional? Who is it intended for; a child’s room, a formal dining room or a cozy den? From there, you will be able to narrow down fabric choices and pleat style as well as how it should be lined and fabricated. But it doesn’t stop there. How are you going to hang it? If there is a valance, just a basic white track will do the job, however, if there is no valance, you really need to make sure the drapery hardware speaks to the personality of the drape, the esthetic of the room and the room’s occupant. This is where the fun begins because there is so much to choose from!

But first: rule #1, if you are investing in custom made curtains, never, ever use anything less than custom cut hardware. In my experience, there is nothing worse than telescoping hardware (curtain rods that expand or contract to fit the size of the window) because the curtain rings won’t glide across that lumpy seam where the two pieces fit inside one another and the rod often sags with the weight of the drapery.

You will avoid these problems by using the correct hardware cut to fit and sturdy enough for the weight of your drapes. The best part? There is so much more to choose from! An experienced drapery professional will have a ton of options and will know exactly what hardware will work for which treatment in terms of style, stability and function.

Now that you are ready to go to town on getting the perfect hardware for your new draperies, check out this post on how to up-level your custom curtain designs and turn window treatments into window fashions.

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