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Why Not Wallpaper?

For 15 years I’ve been saying “why not wallpaper?” when clients ask for something that will give their room more interest or a color pop. With persistence, my clients finally started listening, and I’m so glad, (and so are they!) because it makes such an impact in their home.

La Jolla, San Diego dining with custom draperies and wallpaper
This Phillip Jeffries mural makes a bold statement in this dining room and compliments our custom draperies perfectly.

In a way I understood the reason for the resistance. Back in the day, the paste they used would take the drywall down with it if you ever changed your mind. Also, so much of it was roses and ivy or, it was so overused with wallpaper borders overtop of wallpaper. And in every room! So I get it, but that has all changed.

Yes, we can still get flowery wallpaper, but it’s more sophisticated now, and there are so many interesting textures if you don’t want a pattern. We also use it with more restraint. One wall in a room is often just the right amount. Behind a headboard, the TV wall or in an entryway, sometimes even just the ceiling for an unexpected look. Removing it is also much easier now. If you change your mind, the installer uses steam to peel it off, then preps the walls ready for wallpaper or a coat of paint.

Let’s explore all the ways wallpaper can be used to reflect a homeowner’s personality, add interest, and pull things together.

Why not Wallpaper a Feature Wall?

Like the mural above, a feature wall is a great place to make a bold statement and add personality to a room. Textured wallpapers are a personal favorite of mine as there is so much variety, everything from the look of stone to sparkles to grasscloth.  Repeating patterns can also be fun, especially if you are not afraid to mix patterns.

A living room with yellow wallpaper, a white sofa and hot pink and orange pillows mix it up with draperies of the same colors.
Yellow striped wallpaper called Creeping Fern from Schumacher adds a touch of whimsy to this cheerful living room. Bold patterns and colors on the pillows and draperies create a vibrant mood.

Why not Wallpaper the Ceiling?

This happens less often, but sometimes you find the perfect ceiling and the perfect wallpaper. That’s what happened for my Rancho Santa Fe client. Their dining room was beautiful but needed a little “something”. They wanted wallpaper behind the credenza but I knew it wouldn’t work because of the beautiful coved ceiling. The curve just didn’t leave us a good stopping point. However, that gorgeous ceiling would be an even better spot, so I turned to one of my favorite suppliers. Phillip Jeffries always has the perfect solution for every situation. For this ceiling it was their beautiful gold leaf Renoir pattern.

We also added the draperies for privacy at night and to add softness to the wall color. It all came together with their beautiful furnishings and light fixtures. You can see more photos of this project in our portfolio including a clever trick we used to get the chandelier out of the way so we could get close enough to the ceiling to do our installation.

Gold leaf wallpaper applied to the ceiling of a large dining room.
This Rancho Santa Fe dining room ceiling was treated to a most luxurious wallpaper leaving simple white walls to show off the elegant furnishings.
A tray ceiling with a pale blue wallpaper and a delicate crystal chandelier.
A tray ceiling creates a beautiful frame for one of my favorite wallpapers. The pale blue beaded material sets off the chandelier and and creates an ethereal feeling above the bed.

Why not Wallpaper every wall?

Powder rooms are one area where you don’t want to be shy with wallpaper! They are tiny rooms that could use a bit of pizzaz. You don’t go in often and don’t stay long when you do, so you won’t get tired of seeing so much wallpaper.  On this project, my client was a little nervous about wallpapering every wall, worried it would be too busy or make it feel too small. She decided to take a leap of faith and was thrilled with the results. In fact, so thrilled, we decided to create a happy place to work in her tiny office using a cheerful wallpaper from Hygge & West aptly named“Day Dream Feeling bold, she decided to paper every wall! You can see the whole project in our portfolio.

A powder room with orange wallpaper in a free flowing pattern
This tiny powder room makes a big impact with vibrant wallpaper on every wall.
A small home office with built in desk and storage and cheerful wallpaper from with clouds and birds
This small home office is a cheerful place to pay bills wrapped up in this sweet wallpaper from Hygge & West.

As you can see, a little goes along way, but what a way to transform a space and make it truly your own. If you’re on Instagram you know how popular wallpaper has become. Drop a comment below to tell us what you’ve been dreaming about. Or better yet, let’s collaborate on your project.

Myrna Everett is the founder of Home Vogue Interiors where we specialize in custom window fashions and other soft home goods. If you have enjoyed this blog post, please share it with others. If you are ready to start a conversation about your next project click on the “Your Project” link above and tell us what you’re working on and we’ll reach out to you and help you get started.




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